Winner's sexy hair

Walking on the red carpet in style, it displays three hairstyles in the night. Drawn into a loose updo sexy, blonde hair shone in the shine.According an official press release, the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards, the creation winner.When not one but three different hairstyles to attribute it to the stage to honor their acceptance for Best Female Pop Album, he left the singer's hair for a few glamorous waves. Scanned, it uses spray before running rollers. The ultra-glamorous look finished as a finishing spray, and shine spray shine and hold.Fans shaking performance by Shakira as she took time Loca.This center stage in a solid black top and bottom her skirt hair 'n' roll eclipse his first two looks.Long and cowardly, LeCompte Shakira was backstage he washed his hair with wella Professionals enrich then added wella hair spray before blowing with a ceramic works brush.Using an iron curling great, it was the hair cut, sprayed and heat rotection loosely curled. Spritzed spray with the texture. Shakira, as if she ran away from the beach and the stage.Shakira was also honored for their education reform contributionsto philanthropic world, according to Perez Hilton.Gorgeous and looking smart, this talented performer a length ahead of the rest of the world. Her hair was beautiful, and her performance was the highlight of the Latin Grammys. Check the three hairstyles in the night.


Gonorrhea’s folk remedies

Gonorrhea is caused by a dangerous bacterium named Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It is a pathogenic bacterium which can be transferred from one person to another one by sexual contact. Besides, one can infect this disease by contacting the penis or vagina, mouth and anus of the diseased. This bacterium likes to locate in moist warm region of human’s body. The common treatment for gonorrhea is vaccines and antibiotics. But it is advisable to take home remedies which are safe, simple and healthy. 

Keep a list of home remedies to treat gonorrhea, I have some advice. Violate sex with your spouse or partner. If you have been sexually active in recent weeks, be sure to contact people and ask them to get tested, and gonorrhea. Here is a list of easy to prepare home remedies to treat gonorrhea.

Guyabano fruit or sour sop is one of the most important home remedy for gonorrhea. All you have to do is extract the juice and taken orally. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, B1 and B2, which are all important, the effects of contraception.

Tea tree oil is a home remedy used by women. Just a piece of fresh buffer. Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil and let the chips absorb the oil. Now insert the tampon into the vagina.

Apple cider vinegar is a remedy for gonorrhea. Mix one teaspoon of cider vinegar in a little coconut oil. Use a new buffer to absorb the mixture and put the tampon in the vagina. Apple cider vinegar can also be used outdoors. You will need about 5 cups water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Mix well and use it for bathing.

Take 2 teaspoons of fresh yogurt and fresh buffer. Wipe the pad and place the yogurt in the vagina.

Garlic is a powerful natural herbal antibacterial. As a remedy, you need to eat garlic, sometimes a lot more raw material or use it in all its fullness in your kitchen. Otherwise, make a paste of fresh garlic and apply a lotion to all affected areas of the body except the eyes.

Garcinia mangostana mangosteen is a fruit or rare in some tropical countries of South Asia. This is a luscious white center and a skin peel, which is a powerful anti-bacterial. You must remove the husk of skin and consumption of mangos teen juice as a drug.

Apart from the above, could also foods that are rich in amino acids, vitamin C and vitamin K, zinc, colloidal silver in their diet.

Eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables, along with their regular meals. If symptoms worsen and spread to the bloodstream, you should consult your doctor for some treatment with antibiotics and vaccination against hepatitis B

Precautions during treatment
If you suffer from this disease, use separate utensils, plates and napkins. Wash clothing from the solution of water and antiseptic formula.

Wash your hands thoroughly with antiseptic soap after urinating and defecating.

Avoid touching your eyes, because some bacteria may inadvertently enter the eye, an increase of visual complications.

Keep a healthy sexual pattern and Gonorrhea can be avoided. Health is wealth.


Keep your curly wigs protected

 On the latest styles and models of lace wigs, curly wigs seem to have gained some popularity.In fact they are strongest for women who have less hair and I want more volume, you want to add her hair.Not only are these artificial hair volume to your hair but also give you a new look.Remember me on this way a double purpose solved.But best for the look, it is very important in a curly wig that you wear to fit well.The wig does not fit you well, you make the shabby doll and artificial.How to buy wigs that come with curly wig caps.Just is important is to take good care of your hair, you should endeavor to keep your beautiful curly wig.The other reason is to keep your safe wigs that they are quite expensive.Here are some easy and useful to keep your curly wigs: Buy a special wig brush and use it regularly remove all your loops tangles.It is important to use shine spray on hair regularly, especially if they are at night before bedtime.There are some hair care products specially designed for the maintenance of artificial curls.Make sure they are properly labeled and are a good brand.These give a good shine and natural look to your curls.Remember cluttered.It is not about the use of cleaning agents to get to protect your locks recommended for your hair tied in a pony tail or bread if you are just at home and notat work or at a party.You can even a hair net if your hair at home to protect them.It, it is advisable to go in curly wigs more than the shorter, because it is always difficult to maintain that the shorter loop ones.It is important to take time every two or three days to wash and clean your wig.You could be a special shampoo and wash your hair wig with lukewarm water to ensure the quality is also important cleansing.It, air conditioningor a good brand for your use loops to ensure that they are flexible and shiny.Just these tips to make sure that your curly wigs are not only well-maintained, but also well protected against external particles remain.Shock your partner tonight, wearing a curly wigs of that style and you and your best suit and revitalize your healthy life.


Be a beautiful pregnant mother

We all know that the pregnant mother has great changes, not only in the bumping abdomen, but also throughout her whole body. Besides the morning sickness and mood swings, her skin gets dark and her hair become dry. But, don’t worry, all these alterations will go away after the baby born. You can also take some beauty methods to become a pretty pregnant mother.

Massage has a calming effect on the body and is completely safe for pregnant women. To keep on the safe side, massage during the first trimester of pregnancy, many massage centers do a massage when a woman in the first quarter. He and all the special massage packages are available for pregnant women, and you should consult a massage therapist for the best routine for you.

Tip: Massage can be beneficial for pregnant women, because it rids the body of unnecessary tension and prepare for the future of stress and tension. So the best massage therapist to visit, to discuss with him / her all his fears for the massage.

Manicures and Pedicures
Some pregnant women suffer from their nails grow more quickly than usual, was observed due to hormonal changes and other changes in the body, as the highest concentration of minerals and vitamins from the body. Manicures and pedicures for a very useful and are safe. Chemicals in nail polish may be some damage, such as formaldehyde and toluene, is a nail polish. It’s better if the enamel that contain fewer chemicals.

Tip: Make sure the room is well ventilated as fumes and chemicals can be harmful. Massage the ankle and the heel should be avoided because the contraction can be activated at the time.

Women, regardless of age, pregnant, do not like tan. But the tan during pregnancy? Safety of tanning depends on the average you use. Tanning beds during pregnancy should be avoided, even if the sun is something that does not want to do. This is because, when exposed to UV rays can damage your already sensitive skin. Exposure of skin to UV rays increases your chances of developing liver spots, sun spots or skin.

Tip: Any activity that greatly increases the body temperature should be avoided. This includes the avoidance of a solarium, steam bath, jacuzzi, sauna, massage and treatments. A good way is to use sunscreen, but only if you're desperate for a tan. This high-quality cream is safe and does not damage the skin. The last point, it is advisable to stay away from tanning during pregnancy.

Hair Care
Although the safety of hair treatments during pregnancy? Hair can look dry and dull, and would be tempted to go for treatments such as curling, hair coloring or permanent relaxation. Most of these treatments used for substances and products should be avoided during pregnancy, chemicals in the blood through the scalp and rarely cause problems. Although no harmful chemicals, the child or the mother, there is no guarantee of safety of this procedure, the hair during pregnancy.

Hint: it is not worth taking risks and ways to prevent the death of the hair. A better solution is to use hair dyes, sprays do not penetrate the skin and work surfaces. The whole procedure is used, chemical hair should be avoided in the first three months.

Methods of hair removal
Electrolysis is a popular method that uses electric current to remove hair from the body. There is convincing evidence of the fact that an electric current is harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should stay away from this process. Do some precautions must be observed, because you do not get electrolysis bikini area, chest, abdomen and breasts. The best option is to completely avoid electrolysis during pregnancy. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, you must register via electrolysis. Some pregnant women are usually sensitive to cause pain, which is followed by growth. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before you wax, because it does not always correspond to the skin. Such depilatories (chemicals), and depilatories are saying. Shaving beard is a good choice for pregnant women.

The use of oils to rejuvenate the body is called aromatherapy. Researchers still have not reached a general consensus in the safe use of certain oils to confirm pregnancy. Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy. Pregnant women may also develop nausea and sensitivity to odors of oils of some oils.

Tip: Aromatherapy is the safest during pregnancy, and depends on the oils used in the process. Therefore, the best advice in aromatherapy is a safe treatment during pregnancy.

Therefore, these are some common beauty procedures that you must be careful. Apart from these, your daily beauty regimen is as usual, without causing harm by it. For the beauty complex, which would be better if you consult a specialist? Have a happy and safe pregnancy.


Advice of food for Stomach Ulcers

Our way of diet has an importance effect on our health . While a arbitray way of diet can damage our health ,a scientific diet can even paillate some chronic dieases such an stomach ulcers.
Peptic ulcer is a very common disease, it seems almost a billion people worldwide each year. Also known as stomach ulcers, and that because of the destruction of the muscular layer of the stomach or gut the interior of hydrochloric acid, which makes small holes and can cause severe gastro-intestinal tract.

There are several reasons for the formation of ulcers in the body of a person, but the main causes are food, the use of antipyretics such as aspirin, smoking, excessive and unbalanced.

It's the biggest problem encountered in the implementation of recovery measures that relapse of ulcers, even if the person is on drugs. This is because the only way to heal the ulcer is getting a balanced diet.

A letter from the diet of patients with wounds should have enough liquid, fiber and antioxidants. It is important that the diet should be balanced. It should contain all the vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Patients with ulcers should avoid spicy foods aggravate these symptoms. You should also alcohol and caffeine cautiously, as has been shown that the acidity and ulcers increase again. A recent study showed that sodium also leads to ulcers in the eye and should be avoided or eaten in moderation.

A balanced diet is important for the fabric being of a person, for example, vitamin A, which is very important to help patients with ulcers, and to repair. During the game, as it should be monitored toxic substances in the body can. Vitamin A is found in carrots, apples, and all green leafy vegetables. And vitamin C is responsible for increasing the immunity and speed healing of the damaged area because of the ulcer. It is found in all citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Proteins are the building blocks of the body where their presence is important to help wounds heal more quickly through the development of new cells. Protein is found in cheese, milk powder and cheddar cheese and sunflower oil.
We agree that a patient should have an special diet , including three big meals and three snacks in between and avoid spice food ,so as to prevent the the hunger . But the relaced state of mind is also vital , otherwise the body will produce a large amout of adrenaline which can causes the ulcers to grow`


Great hair tips for girls

    If you are looking for a new hairstyle, then you must first understand that you have a style that suits your appearance.No one could go right for everyone. Good planning is very important, the right hairstyle for a girl.If turn the pages of fashion magazines and choose to get a haircut, then you make a very big mistake. You can always use the best hairstyle for you vary some important tips.The hairstyle for girls with the length of the hair.Choose same style for long and short hair cut that suits your hair length.Your seem to be a general relationship with the hairstyle you have get.You keep a style for the overall shape of the face have yourself.The is one of the most important to keep in mind while choosing a hair style.The are many types of forms that can be seen in the head and hair to "in line with that.When you visit a hair salon should be assumed that the expert listen to hair. the person who can recommend the best experts style.A good hairstyle to show you examples of hairstyles.Try that you think is best for you you.Once find, discuss with the expert.Once get the hairstyle of your choice will be flexible to go beyond. If you like the people do not believe it, then you can leave it slightly else.These, change hairstyles for girls, tricks for you only when you are ready, the style can be obtained. it requires commitment and time in order to maintain it. you keep the style for a perfect fit for you.