Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Enjoy Dinner Date girls only

Sometimes you just need a night girls! September 26, Selena Gomez boyfriend Justin Bieber left to go hang out with her BFF Taylor Swift. The two girls / super famous singers have been seen chowing down on Japanese food in Beverly Hills together.

According to Entertainmentwise, Gomez, and Swift met for dinner at Benihana, a restaurant that specializes in Japanese-style teppanyaki - aka, when they cook your dinner in front of you, throwing shrimp in your mouth and scare the bejesus out of live you with fire. It seemed that Swift tried to conceal his identity by wearing a cloche hat tan. Gomez, on the other hand, does not seem to care to dress.

Apparently, the two girls were enjoying their time together, even if they were photographed texting on their phone a lot. Perhaps Gomez could not help it to send Bieber Lovey Dovey, "I miss you" texts? We are dying to know who was talking to Swift because it was not an affair with someone like behind. Even if they were taken in the world of cell phones, it's always great to see the two lovers taking a while for them girls.


Mini Warbler Kellan Sarmento watch their movements behind the scenes Video

Sarmento small Kellan is so cute we want to eat with a spoon. All you need to do is peep this video to behind-the-scenes photo shoot of the small pro and you will certainly experience the same emotions towards him. He is adorable with a capital "A"

In this two-minute clip, you can watch Kellan as he shakes his groove thing. He likes the camera and the feeling is mutual, as it comes alive when faced with a lens. It is super duper photogenic and is to start early. We see a long future for this kid in front of many cameras.

There is a button-cute, especially with his bow tie and a Louisiana-style blazer. Ryan Murphy, do you watch? You can never start the casting process "Glee" too soon. Those moves super-tide does not hurt either!

It even includes a fresh breath is a priority, as seen chewing a wad of chewing gum. We know precious, right? What a little charmer with a smile million.


Gavin DeGraw Cover Bruno Mars "Granada" on VH1

Gavin DeGraw played an unplugged version of "Granada" Bruno the charts in March during a recent visit to the VH1 studios in New York.

"I am a bit nervous to run it," DeGraw said before playing the song before an audience. He joked: "It's very new. I wrote this morning. "He said he had never performed the song before, which is why he felt compelled to read the words of a sheet of paper.

DeGraw sang with passion and new life to the familiar song, who took last March to December 1. He even shook the ringing cell phone spam someone, jokingly, "Hold all my calls."

VH1 is promising to release more images DeGraw's visit in the coming days. DeGraw is promoting "Sweeter" his new album and the single "Not Over You." In October, it will be hitting the road with David Cook, a co-headlining tour.


Adele Friends Again with ex-boyfriend

Adele is the practice policy to forgive but not forget. The singer admitted that she had repaired fences with the former that inspired the grief she sings with such passion on his gazillion-selling, critically adored album '21 '. While the pain was necessary to inspire the art of Adele, who has connected with millions of fans, Adele is quite an adult about things now that it is all the calm water under a bridge rebuilt between it and the anonymous man she once called her "soul mate. "

"We became friends again," Adele admitted during a concert in London this week, according to Spinner. "OK, I know what I do. Enough time has passed now. "

Time does heal all wounds, even for superstar singers in the spotlight. In fact, Adele said she and the former anonymous sharing the success of '21 '. She said, "Now, with what is happening with the album in the world, it is important to be able to share with him. Because it's wonderful what happened. It changed my life, I can not deny it. "Indeed, without him or his actions, Adele's music may not have been as emotionally resonant. That compromise and sacrifice for his art.

'21 'Has been a therapy for the singer, as well. She said that record "helped me to forgive, and I hope he has forgiven himself." As we have said, do not hate breaker heart of Adele. He inspired a magnificent piece of art in the process, a broken heart that many people flock to the comfort. That's all cyclical when it comes to music.


Demi Lovato is not known whether she had "Be Alive,"

Demi Lovato was embracing a "full disclosure" policy for years to treat emotional and physical in an institution at the end of last year. Instead of "deny, deny, deny" or reluctantly choosing not to discuss it, Lovato has embraced his shortcomings and accepted its status as role model for young girls. In fact, Lovato, 19, said that his treatment was so crucial that it is the reason she survived and is still alive today.

Lovato, who appear on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday, referring to his life, pre-treatment as a "disorder" and that her public meltdown was actually a blessing in disguise. The breakdown was something of the " Skyscraper "singer is grateful for because it helped her put things in perspective and regroup.

"So many things went much in my life, and then suddenly my life came down all at breakneck speed," she admitted candidly (via People). "I had a negative down and it changed my life forever. " While having a breakdown in front of millions of his fans were not ideal or comfortable for the star, Lovato acknowledged that seeking treatment saved. She said: "But if I had not been in treatment. I do not know if one, I would even be sitting here today, [or] two, if I would be alive today. "

Therefore Lovato has adopted happily talk about his problems and his recovery, so that it can perhaps help other teenagers suffer the same problems. She wants to be the support system they achieve and the life jacket to which they cling. Leaving his post in January of treatment, she knew she wanted to be "straight talk" about his problems.


Cast "X Factor" Attend Hollywood Premiere

Wednesday, September 14, the cast of "X Factor" hit the red carpet at the premiere of the reality singing competition. The first of the "X Factor" was held in Hollywood at the ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dom, and all four judges and host Steve Jones attended the event. Judges Simon Cowell and LA Reid wore suits to the event (Cowell kept cool by going tie-less), like the beautiful Jones. The female judges, and Nicole Scherzinger Paula Abdul, absolutely dazzled in their bright dresses and high heels.

In the first, cast iron "X Factor" the principal sat down for a Q & A session. During the interview, Abdul drawn to the fact that the choreographers will play a role in the series. She said: "There are many choreographers who will be rotating in and out of work with each of us and our actions. But I will be very hands on and do my thing because I do what I do. "Cowell also spoke of the American public, saying:" They have a surprisingly good knowledge of music ... They were very harsh with us at times. There were times I thought we were going to get roughed up when the public n is not agreed with us. "


How to Keep Skiing Fit

When you're on vacation or traveling, it can be hard to find time to exercise and to keep your legs ski-fit.
I always bring a 1/2 inch and a 3/4 inch resistance band in my bag whether I'm traveling for skiing or on vacation. Both bands and a door attachment loop can fold up and fit in a pair of sneakers. I'm a big fan of resistance band strength training and muscle toning both at home and on the road.
Master Trainer and resistance band guru Dave Schmidt has shared his ski specific tips on About.com Skiing and has a many of ski muscle related videos and tips at Resistance Band Training.com.
There are many other ways to keep fit, including hotel fitness classes and centers, walking, running, and other outdoor activities. Here's more on keeping ski fit while you're on the road.

Workout rules to stay fit

At the very onset, let me tell you that exercise is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. I’m a great believer in the benefits of a ‘sensible’ exercise routine. But a person may look physically fit and muscular and at the same time suffering from frequent headaches, allergies,
sugar cravings, hair loss, acne and many other such conditions. One may look physically fit, but harbours strong negative emotions like anger, violence towards his family, and may even suffer from jealousy, lack of self-worth and deep grief. Such strong emotions bring about bio-chemical changes in the body, invite stressful situations and eventually lead to disease conditions.
Therefore, we need to strike a balance that reflects in our physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Here are some frequently asked questions by my readers.
Q I’m a vegetarian and I enjoy working out.  But I’m not sure if I’m getting all the proteins that my body needs.
A. An averagely healthy adult body needs approximately 40 to 50 gms of protein everyday to keep hair, skin and muscles in good form. Those who weight train, need an additional 15 gms daily. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) however is slightly higher, that is, 0.8 gms per kilogram body weight.That means if your weight is 70 kgs, your RDA for protein is 56gms daily. The RDA is higher as it takes into account extra protein needs for injury, illness low immunity etc. 
An average healthy individual should be well looked after by consuming between 40 to 50 gms protein daily. Vegetarians have to try a little harder to get enough protein. For example, a glass of milk along with a paneer sandwich should give you 30 gms of protein just at breakfast. Munching soya nuts through the day (50 gms) give another 20 gms protein. This is not taking into account your meals like a bowl of dal (5 gm protein), curd (6 gm protein), chapattis (10 gm protein), sprouts (6 gm protein). Eating a wide variety of high-protein vegetarian food makes it unnecessary to consume animal protein at all.


Lace Front Wigs - Selection And Ensure Hairpiece

Why do people get off the lace wigs? There are many factors and also because most would be appropriate to hide the bald spirit as well as displaying a user profile sleek, modern and eye. Lace front wigs tend to be mainly made of horse hair, artificial locks or padlocks, including humans. Strap is actually a short type one hundred years of British wig seventh term. Stars lace front wigs made to find the closest resemblance to the personality of these people represent. Lace front wigs come to be used by the historic opportunities. The Egyptians wore wigs Lace front to save his own mind clean shaven in the sun.
Lace wigs to maintain the limit is low, where the locks are actually connected. Hats are in a series of blocks are actually trapped in towards the border using various methods. Locks are actually connected in the plots of hairpiece. Locks guitar strings bend down and carefully sewn inside for as long as the wires could be a procedure by which we create the lace wigs.
Lace wigs made from human locks held an organic view. On the basis of private preferences, the real man hangs lace wigs can be colored, permed or even designed to reduce. These types of lace wigs require great care and are more expensive. Just as a man crashes, the current Lace wigs also be cleaned with shampoo, dry, well-trained to protect the organic feel and look. Individuals who do not have time or the desire to promote this type of activity is to choose an artificial hairpiece such as a mixture of locks man.
Most of the best quality synthetic lace front wigs tend to be similar to the man lock lace front wigs. They are not as expensive and require virtually no maintenance and maintenance. The synthetic wig made with real, actual flows, texture and volume due to the warehouse of the lock monofilament fiber. These people have broken when drying locking style golf irons or hot rollers used for an influx.
Exactly what should be the correct size of the wig? Most of the front wigs match the spirit of the beach in. to 22.5 in. 21.5 The wig should be placed on the hairline green, about 4 fingers above the eyebrows today. In the back, pull lower against the actual wig hairline bio. While using flexible Velcro tabs provided in the back again, changing the actual wig to achieve safe and comfortable play.
About 10 to 30% of unwanted hair is actually available in many lace front wigs so you should get real supplier of designer wig expert to lock real good melody according to your own functions and provides an elegant display .
The lace front wigs real must be registered in the phantom are or may be a model when it is actually used for that form is in fact a properly maintained.
The sweat, the atmosphere and lifestyle are often some of the elements to be considered each time determining the actual rate of recurrence of cleaning the royal wig. Generally, you must clean the wig after two weeks of actual use. Strictly abide by the rules distributed by the manufacturer with regard to cleanliness and the ability to model real.
You will find unique design add-ons, such as air conditioning systems, locks, sprays and shampoos to keep a real clean the hairpiece. Awesome drinking water should be used for washing the suitability actual hairpiece after the procedure. Starting the real wig, so normally dry washes, and a large wig real.

Use Hair Wigs As An Alternative

It is suggested that the adoption of full lace wigs can be an ideal option for hair replacement, especially for people with certain types of symptoms of hair loss called alopecia. This is mainly due to a full wig lace seems natural and even includes the hairline, which can rarely be detected by the naked eye. Similarly, as the natural hair, these wigs can be separated effectively placed in a ponytail style of high, medium and low.

The beauty of a person to a certain extent depends on how you style your hair. It is not always easy to style your hair and its style varies, when they visit. Therefore, it is important to visit the Salon, or the shop hair before styling your hair. Even factors such as length, color and texture also plays an important role in determining the style, which is also long and expensive process. So, full laced wigs can really be ideal for use as such, reduces inhibitions.

Full pre tied style wigs and styles and cuts only effective frames the face of an individual. They are, however, whether inspired by celebrities or exclusively tailored to your client's lifestyle, facial features and preferences. Are available in beauty supply stores or shops of wigs. However, people with tight budgets may find these wigs are made of synthetic fibers at reasonable prices. It can also be cleaned and restored by heating is at or below average. That depends on the quality of the fiber.

Full lace wig, longevity is one of the usual six months, and it all depends on how it is managed and implemented by the user. You can also buy a wig that fits individual style. For this purpose it is necessary to provide detailed information on hair length, hair color, hair type, hair density of the protective cover and cushion the proper development of a good wig. A material that wig was also a key role in determining its effectiveness.

The price of any Full Lace Wig varies taking into account the materials and type of hair used in making these wigs. They are often made of human hair from India Remy Remy Remy Malaysia and Asia. Are obtained, even in the fibers of different qualities. Full Lace Wigs are chosen by manufacturers for quality and comfort and can be easily provided by customers worldwide.

Full lace wigs are really tough and durable. Full lace wig also increases the bounce natural luster of the hair.


Fall Into Fashion

Fleece eccentric, brilliant, leather, lace and long skirts, fall fashion is all about fun and easy to use a piece of fashion, in coordination simple, with everything you have.
Givenchy Fall Collection, presented a strange game schools at this time. Think of the grandmother would make the sweater for you, in those cold winters, but the board said. We have season'shottest trend.
Decorated with garlands of flowers and purple print and Panthers jerseys black Givenchy has created quite a roar this season. Balenciaga supports this trend as well, his German shepherd sweatshirts with the sweet. This seems to be a pack of wolves is more and more designers to put their animals all the features sweaters.
These jerseys are great fun to run over your favorite pair of jeans or even on this high-waisted shorts summer'shigh, creating a retro-chic. You can be sure to find the Givenchy and Balenciaga affordable inspired sweaters at your local Topshop or Urban Outfitters.
In addition to non-conventional wool and bright bold colors create a lively look, daring to fall. Color blocked dresses, tops, such as those found in the collection Chloé'sfall, bright solid color pants and clothing to create anything, but look imperceptible. Instead of a trench in black or cream, opt for scarlet, emerald green, cobalt or yellow. Season'souterwear This allows you to transform your look in the collector current care, should-have-been for the season. The same goes for the pants as seen in 3.1 Phillip Lim collection, cobalt and emerald green pants.
Leather is known to be a classic outerwear, but this season will return as an essential staple in all types of clothing. Skirts and leather pants and fashion often enough, but now it is time to invest in its own pair already this season, they are definitely "in" a pair of pants or a skirt with a leather jacket and leather boots for the effect of supplementing or tone it down with leather pants in denim button large at the bottom. Skin looks smoother also appear this fall with pieces such as leather jackets colored blush.
Designers red staining around the runways, it is clear "that" the color of the season. Go bold with a matching dress and cherry lip gloss. Sweeten the look with nude pumps and Michael Korean rose gold watch, in high demand this season. Or you can always choose to harden the look with high-heeled boots and a trench out of time.
If an all red dress is a bit bold for your taste, try the red or denim high-waisted pants. For a touch of red, try a purple lip or a classic solid red bag seen Chloe. A long 1950's style skirt is another feminine look for fall. Complete with mini-skirts and adopt this conservative, yet chic trend in a neutral color that will easily become a classic. For effort, sexy, conservative look, a skirt below the knee with heels skyscrapers and high-degree.
Since the summer clothes that showed her legs to the sun, back-to-school wardrobe autumn, it is easy to move, that does not clear the bank. Just remember, it takes only the addition of a few key pieces in the closet with clothes accept the autumn fashion trends, colors, lace, leather and distinctive.

Rejuvenate Your Home This Autumn Color

Ready or not, the fall is coming. The days are shorter and the nights are cooler. The routine of back to school is booming. As gardening is decreasing, we spend more time at home and see the whole back of the inside were not really gifts and-get-for-that-laters.
Now is the time to think about moving the time of the dog in a sharp fall day with the addition of some harvesty, autumn touches that add warmth and intimacy of your home. It does not need to be a massive undertaking expensive. The color can completely change the personality of the room. Paint the whole room - or simply a wall accent - tone gold or red-brown to bring out the nuances of
I like the line of Benjamin Moore Aura. It is a good option as a green low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), low odor paint. It's a perfect time of year to paint, even when doors and windows can be left open. Even with low odor paints leave something behind, and maintains that additional ventilation in the control and faster drying time.
Aura palette is full of deep, rich colors that recall in the fall. Bar and Kona are the bark of trees, such as Cognac turmeric, Etruscan and heated resemble dry grass swaying in the wind. Moroccan Spice and Rustique brings glory by turning the leaves of the interior design.
If the paint is more than you want to do, you may want to consider some new pillows or curtains. Heavy slub fabrics adds warmth and structure, and to introduce new colors to the system. Also adding a few bold colors shears can infuse a little 'excitement, and beautify the otherwise dull room. For those not yet ready to make a new commitment to the color, pillows offer pop and panache. Perfect.
Color is not the only way to make changes in your home. Fragrance creates an atmosphere that also adds subtle depth and richness. Scented Reed diffusers make it easy to bring different elements into your home. With the advent of cooler weather, consider the fragrances that create a warm atmosphere.
Amber is particularly global warming, but so are spicy or fruity like cinnamon and red current. Think pumpkin pie. Leaves crunching underfoot. You get the picture.
The combination of different candles in the room is a sure way to create a personal scent that is uniquely yours. Each room in your home can offer a completely different experience with the odor. Lemon grass and verbena are refreshing and cheerful lavender is very relaxing and soothing. Note that the perfume is one of the main triggers of memory to find perfumes that create happy thoughts.
Enjoy the rest of your life this summer. But keep in mind that very soon we will all be hunkering down and digging in the autumn really is just around the corner.


More Colors Of A Healthy Diet

A rainbow of foods creates a range of nutrients, each with a different bundle of potential benefits of a healthy diet.

Indrani Ghosh, chief dietician, Food and Nutrition, Columbia Asia Hospital - Salt Lake City, says that adding a splash of colorful seasonal foods makes the whole dining experience enjoyable.

To add the correct value of the nutrition label should use color as a guide to choosing a good diet.

The green color indicates the potential antioxidant and fiber, which reduces the risk of cancer and bowel movement regular.

Fruits: avocado, apple, grape, honey, kiwi and lime.

Vegetables: artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, green beans, peppers, cucumbers and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Fruits, yellow, orange and deep and vegetables contain nutrients that promote a healthy view of immunity, and give you a radiant skin.

Fruits: apricots, cantaloupe, grapefruit, mango, papaya, peach and pineapple

Vegetables: carrots, yellow pepper, yellow corn and sweet potatoes

Purple and blue options have antioxidant and anti-aging and may help with memory, urinary tract health.

Fruits: blackberries, blueberries, prunes, raisins.

Vegetables: eggplant, purple cabbage, purple-flesh potatoes, beets, turnip greens.

Red indicates the products that can help maintain a healthy heart, vision, immunity and maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels.

Fruits: cherries, blueberries, pomegranate, red / pink, grape, red grapes and watermelon

Vegetables: red onion, red pepper, red potatoes, rhubarb, and tomato.

White, beige and brown foods contain nutrients that can promote heart health and reduce risk of cancer and vascular circulation.

Fruits: bananas, pears, brown, white peaches and dates.

Vegetables: cauliflower, mushrooms, onions, parsnips, white-fleshed potato, white corn

Ghosh, recommends that while grocery shopping, vegetables must be kept in mind certain things, you should choose the colors, while the choice of seasonal fruit and vegetables.

It 'used to select and add lots of fresh or dried fruit and vegetables that are available all year round.

Although no plant foods can be a trim color by adding salsa, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus and spinach salad with orange slices on it.

Colorful meal is not only visually appealing, but it also contains some nutrients in it.

Ghosh also suggests specific steps women to choose the right colors for their children's diets.

Give children whole grains for breakfast, the children "white" whole wheat bread for sandwiches, crispy whole grain crackers for snacks and wholemeal chapatis for dinner.

Eating more fruits and vegetables at every meal. Enjoy a breakfast of whole fresh fruit, cereal, slices of melon or a glass of 100 percent of orange juice for lunch, baby carrots or apple slices for dinner, put on colorful vegetables in the center of each dish.

Most young people in India are not getting enough calcium or potassium. Fortunately, it is easy to consume three servings of dairy a day children and teenagers need.

Try an 8 ounce glass of low fat milk with breakfast, lunch and dinner, yogurt for breakfast or a snack after school or cheese for a snack on the go power.

Getting enough protein at every meal and snack to help children feel satisfied after eating. Start your day with eggs or beans. For snacks, give peanut butter or slices of lean meat.

Celebration of the nutrition week between September 1 and September 7, add the habits in their daily lives and make a healthy gourmet.

"Color, Texture, Object" Shows The Personality

An exhibition by painter Bob Schwan has CityArts multicolored swirl of color.

Known for his subjects and vibrant textures of color said, this show offers a varied sample of his art. Aptly titled "color, texture, purpose," is a collection of 48 works spanning media and focuses on his career so far.

"From my point of view, has a very particular style," said Angela Cato, director of marketing at Wichita Art & Culture Services. "You know when you see your work. You can find Bob Schawn a wall full of work."

Schwan said he was a student of color, because he began painting in 1991. A so-called "colorist" through the years he has endeavored to create vivid images and memories of paintings of arrest. Human faces, dogs, creatures and places of worship are few subjects he tries to strengthen the artistic. Bright colors scream viewers. His palette match his personality.

"The painting is really fun for me. I like what I do every day," Schwan said. "I would like the colors around the canvas. It 'a great thrill for me to meet. I've always used bright colors. I work in saturation, I am happy. If I had to work in dark colors, I'd be frustrated with a boy.

"I want the colors that scream in the face. It's an emotional level for many. People see my work and within a nanosecond, they decide they like it or not. If you like warm, bright colors attracted me was work. If you like Picasso, like the colors, you might hesitate. "

Businessman by profession, art Schwan has become a fixture in the popular local art world. He has demonstrated for years in the city. In 1999 he moved to New Mexico with his wife and the other an artist, Nancy. His work has gained popularity. A couple returned to Wichita in 2006. Last summer, he opened his own studio in South Ellis.

This show marks his first exhibition at Art City.

"This is a great local artists to our gallery of work and people know it," said Cato. "His work will attract many eyes. The resources of colors for you, and there are lots of layers. M 'is the kind of art that is an appeal to intellectuals, but also can attract people of all ages who come to enjoy Art with a pleasant walk. "

Attractive colors to penetrate the entire root level of the gallery, and cover a wide range of topics. Collides with the geometry of holiness in the "Prayer for the structure", acrylic on canvas. Angular shapes in red, orange, yellow and purple to build a church, which stands proudly at the center of the bright blue sky. This is one of the many paintings of the centric church.

Human emotions are personified by the paint of his series "bald". The elongated and exaggerated heads, each of which is the most clean-shaven, to transmit smirk, smile, sadness, surprise, and severity. Evocation is particularly evident in the eyes and mouth of each work.

"Spartan Bald Guy" at pensive and thoughtful individual.

"Before this series bald, I did a lot of paintings of dogs. Every dog ​​is different, but with people, the differences are not so obvious. The people of the nose, mouth, eyes and ears are all different, however , so I focused on in these pictures, "said Schwan." I could not understand how to make your hair stand on these issues and not lose it 'I did. "

His canine art is among his most popular, and several of his favorite pieces are on display for this show. “Focused Freddy” is an acrylic on canvas that features a dog with whirling, multi-colored eye layers. The optic center draws viewers into a vivid vortex. Schwan said he’s painted more than 200 dogs. “I just love dogs,” he said. “I have an affinity toward them.”

Also on display are several eye-catching and mind-bending abstracts, including a textured rainbow that violates the dark black background of “Contract #2.” Schwan said the show is a good representation for how his styles have evolved through the years. He hopes those familiar with his past works will enjoy some of the new projects he’s been focused on. Many of the works on display have not been shown previously.


Cool weather, calm winds could help fight Texas wildfires

North Texas fire officials were hopeful Thursday that forthcoming cool weather and calm winds would assist firefighters in suppressing the largest of several wildfires currently burning in the state -- a blaze that has destroyed 39 homes in three days.
The fire has charred more than 6,200 acres of bone-dry vegetation in Palo Pinto County, forcing hundreds of evacuations and threatening as many as 400 homes since it began Tuesday.
The fire has been fueled by strong winds and the relentlessly high temperatures that have plagued the drought-stricken state.
Firefighters were able to make some progress overnight as the fire burned into flatter ground and became easier to contain, said John Nichols, a spokesman for the multi-agency effort fighting the blaze, known as the 101 Ranch fire.

The fire is burning near Possum Kingdom Lake, about 75 miles west of Fort Worth, where a fire in spring destroyed more than 160 homes, Nichols said.

Across the state, firefighters were battling 14 wildfires that have burned nearly 20,900 acres, said April Saginor, a spokeswoman for the Texas Forest Service, in an interview with The Times.

The current fires are the latest round for beleaguered fire crews. All year, they've been facing conditions wrought by the state's worst drought in nearly a century, plus unusually high temperatures and strong winds, Saginor said.

Since January, more than 18,000 wildfires have broken out across Texas, charring about 3.4 million acres and destroying 660 homes.

Conditions have been so ripe for fires that even when rain does fall, it has little effect, Saginor said.

We’re not getting any moisture here,” she said. “We’re getting nothing from these little tropical storms that are hitting us.”

In nearby Oklahoma, firefighters on Thursday continued fighting a wildfire in northeast Oklahoma City that had destroyed more than 30 homes and burned about 18 square miles.

The fire forced hundreds of evacuations in a rural area of the city, said Deputy Chief Marc Woodard of the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

High winds have whipped up flames, causing spot fires across the parched land, Woodard said.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Color

Painting is the most simple and affordable way to dramatically change a home looks like. The proper use of color can highlight an architectural detail like an alcove or a staircase, to draw attention to a favorite possession, and creating a feeling of space and inviting warmth. Why is the interior of the island, houses painted as white conservatives?

Sometimes it is due to a lack of understanding of how colors interact. For example, people often assume that a white wall is the best basis for paintings or sculptures, and it will not compete with the artwork. But it will not improve much. If you really want a painting (or textiles, or a good piece of furniture) to highlight, and at the same time give the room a sense of cohesion, select a color that is present in the artwork and to use this ( or go lighter tone) from the wall. If your house is decorated in neutral colors, paint the walls a color that contrasts the fat accentuate the furniture and give them the attention they deserve.

Another misconception: Dark colors are wrong because they are a smaller room. In fact, a rich dark color can make a room look dynamic. You can give warmth to the kitchen of a house ultramodern otherwise austere. If you have a home theater, the darker is not only better for the screen, but you can make the room more cozy and inviting.

Color also helps to define living areas, especially when a home has an open floor plan. I typically recommend using three or four colors in a given space, basing the selection on the client’s palette preferences, the colors present in finishes and furnishings, and the architectural details of the space.


Letter: The Color Of The Spirit

One of the largest AIDS in sports, especially college sports, is the crowd. Think crowds College: Penn State has white veils, the Ohio State crowd is a sea of ​​scarlet, Tennessee fans wear orange, Ute fans wearing all black.

BYU resembles that of the crowd?

The latest edition of a Crayola 64-color box.

It bothers me when I go to games and people wear pink, green, teal, orange, chartreuse, purple, fuchsia, magenta, etc.

What bothers me most is that the colors are sold in the bookstore.

I was in Boise this summer and stopped by the library. Do you think Bronco had some lavender shirts?

Books I suggest stop selling shirt, no blue, white or gray.

It would make it much more difficult for opponents if they came to Provo and saw a herd more uniform in color clothing.

The Perfect Fall Color Palette

As the weather begins to cool and your back-to-school shopping is underway, you might’ve been too busy to think about your own look this fall. Take a stroll through the mall and you’ll notice that retailers are advertising fall clothing, accessories, and makeup must-haves in every window. While some trends are going to pass us by in the blink of a three-month period, never to return, there are some good old standbys to stock into your makeup bag for this fall and many beyond.
When you do finally get a moment to treat yourself to a new look for the fall, stick to these colors for a timely look that never goes out of style. (And no, there are no specific brands you have to buy. Choose the brands you trust, just trade in your boring old color palette for something more seasonal.)

Navy & Gold
Disco is dead, so be careful of light blue shadows on eyeliners. Those aren’t in anymore, ladies. Instead, you can choose a deep navy eyeshadow or liner, paired with a glitzy gold.  Lots of companies are making cream shadows in gold, a great way to sparkle without losing your sheen to facial oils throughout the day. This look is ideal for all those holiday parties you’ll be attending later this season, so keep it handy for special occasions! This look is especially gorgeous on brown eyes, says Allure.

Peach Blush
For a warm, neutral look this fall, choose golden peach tones for your blush. Save the purples, pinks, and corals for another season and look for names like "bronze peach" or "warm apricot." Instead of looking overly made-up, this natural tone will make you look like you just came in from playing in the leaves. Simple and natural is in for daytime wear during the fall, so this will have you covered.

Pearly Lips
Usually when matte eyes are in, shimmery lips go with them. Fall 2011 makeup trends stick firmly to this general guideline, just like many falls before, so neutral shades of pearly lip gloss are all the rage. Choose muted colors close to your own lip shade with a little shimmer. The closer the color is to your natural lip color, the better. Opt for eye-catching eye makeup and quieter lip tones for a balanced look.

Magenta Lipstick
If you do want bold lips, choose a nice magenta shade for fall. Pair it with more neutral eyes (think warm browns and golden tones) so your lips do all the talking. Magenta is a perfect pink-and-purple blend that has very versatile wear throughout the season. It works surprisingly well on almost every skin tone, says Allure, so pick your perfect shade and enjoy!
Whichever of the top colors you choose to add to your makeup stash, you’ll get plenty of use from them season after season.  Avoiding “trendy” tones is an easy way to make sure your look is always modern, relevant, and “in.” Use these as a basic guideline, but as always, feel free to express yourself in your look. Makeup is about having fun and feeling beautiful, so enjoy it!


Hot Dog: Creative Is A Summer, Frank

Who does not love a good hot dog? It would not be summer without them.
Memorial Day to Labor Day, more than 7 billion hot dogs consumed in the United States, according to the dog and the National Hot sausage. (In case you were wondering, is 818 per second.)
They are so pervasive, the chefs all over the world are experimenting with the basics (dog, bun, mustard, ketchup, onions, taste). And we decided to invite some of the chefs, and gives a twofold challenge dog: Top this!
And they did.
A hot dog Hippo in Clinton Township, Michigan, the menu offers owner Mark Platt and more than half a dozen hot dogs with various toppings.
It is the classic Hippo dog, a dog Chicago-style Vienna beef with mustard, salsa, onion, tomato, pickles, sport peppers and seasonings. Variations include salad dog covered with mustard and sauerkraut.
For the Free Press, Platt, 48, joined Chicago-style dog and produced in the south-west of Chicago-Style Dog on the salsa-marinated mixed vegetables, crispy tortilla strips.
"I wanted to create something from the west because of our menu, we have New York style, Chicago style with its traditional garnishes and dog cabbage, a native of the south," says Platt.
Carpentry Union in Clarkston, Michigan - 2011, Restaurant Free Press' of the year - not just cut hot dog seriously, but the hot dog, too.
"We do our hot dogs from scratch in-house, with Chuck beef and pork shoulder," says executive chef Aaron Cozad, 29 Smoky Dogs are served with homemade sweet and spicy relish and a drizzle of sauce restaurant in South Carolina style barbecue.
Carole Wendling, 28, Executive Banquet Chef Matt Prentice Restaurant Group, loves Latin flavors, and has created two dogs for us - in Argentina, with chimichurri, chorizo, marinated red onion, queso fresco and pickled, and Cuba, a variant of the style Cuban sandwiches.
"I thought chimichurri goes well with grilled meats, so it would go well with a hot dog with a little char on it," said Wendling.

Beyonce Baby Delays Film?

Less than two days after Beyonce debuted a bump, a little 'Diva is already recording records, and organizing schedules.
Beyoncé's next film production, Star Is Born, may be pushed back, depending on when the baby arrives, according Deadline.com. Presumably, Warner Bros. wanted to begin filming in early February.
From Bey could give birth at the time (which is about three months along), which "could lead to" new production plans. The upside of this delay is that the study will be given more time to find a suitor.
Clint Eastwood, who directs a star is born, the Bey wanted to play alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, but the actor refused the role.
This speculation comes as Twitter announced Bey's baby news broke records on its website when the diva showed off her baby bump after tipping around stage in a pair of stilettos during her performance of "Love on Top."
Before Beyoncé had finished rubbing her belly, Twitter was, well, all a twitter! Reactions to the baby news were officially clocked at 8,868 tweets per second (TPS), a new record for any single event. That number smashed the record previously held by the final moments of the Women's World Cup in July, which had  7,196 TPS.
Among Sunday's tweets were congratulations from Bey's celebrity contemporaries, such as LeToya Luckett, who tweeted, "WOW!! In tears!! Congrat's BEY & JAY!  What a beautiful performance Bey! #glowin." Dawn Richard agreed, posting what ran through everyone's head by stating, "Yes Beyonce... #glowing gonna be a talented child.. God bless them both!"
New mommy Tia Mowry welcomed Beyoncé to to the maternity club, writing, "Omg yay!!!!!! Beyonce is pregnant! Why am I am so happy ha!"
"Congrats to @beyonce & Jay Z on expecting a baby! Unique names in her family for sure- what y'all think they will name the baby?" Niecy Nash asked. Chrisette Michelle answered with, "Beyonce is preggers. That’s like the coolest thing I ever heard. Bey-Jay they should name him or her. BJ Carter I should b the godmommy."
Meanwhile,  Keri Hilson was just in awe of Beyoncé as a performer. "She’s doing it with child!! If that aint empowering I dunno what IS," she tweeted.
Solange Knowles fended off her sister's haters (some people just can't be happy for others) by reminding her followers that Bey hasn't exactly had success handed to her on a silver platter. "One.And.Only. I could not possibly be more proud. Tears in my eyes," Solange tweeted. "No one deserves it more. That doesn't happen by accident. That doesn't happen by chance. That doesn't happen by gimmicks."
Diddy's son Justin thinks a lot of girls could learn by following in the "1+1" singer's footsteps. "Beyonce dated, married, THEN got pregnant... young ladies take notes," he advised.
The biggest reaction to the news couldn't be found online, however. “Jay is ecstatic and over the moon,” a source close to the couple told UsMagazine.com. “He really wanted this so badly.”
MTV News reports that Jay, who literally saluted his wife from the audience, could be heard telling some well wishers backstage, "That was an eventful night, to say the least."
But what did Bey have to say about the big reveal? "I'm free! We're all free!"